A downloadable game for Windows

Trap your opponents until they run out of space in this 1-2 players twin stick party shooter!
Grab a powerup from the roulette once your powerup bar is full and blast your opponents away!


  • Custom shader
  • Procedurally destructible terrain
  • Challenging AI
  • 3 Game modes (Duel, Coop, FFA)
  • Local multiplayer up to two players
  • Gamepad support
  • Nukes

How to play
Hold and release the Shoot button to fire a bolt that tears a lethal hole in the ground upon landing. The longer you hold the button, the further it goes.

Your PowerUp bar fills up over time (faster when you stay still). When it is full, the item roulette starts, then stops when you press the PowerUp button or after 4 seconds. Try to get the rare Nuke powerup!
Items work the same way as regular shots, except with the PowerUp button.

Dashing through holes is risky but can save your life if you are cornered!

If you do not have a friend to play with, we recommend playing the singleplayer free for all mode!


Aim : Mouse
Shoot : Left click
Select/Use Powerup : Right click
Dash : Space

Move : Left Stick
Aim : Right Stick
Shoot : RB
Select/Use Powerup : LB
Dash : A

Newest version (v1.0.7) fixes game-breaking multiplayer bugs and the powerup bar visuals not properly resetting when restarting a game.


Wormhole Arena v1.0.7 (Bugfix)-Windows 21 MB
Wormhole Arena v1.0-Windows 22 MB


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Decent game, audio could use some work and mechanics need explained.