You are a bar owner, and the world is in lockdown. How will you keep your bar alive, with no employees and no clients? Well, you have a stock of alcohol, some cocktail blenders you could repurpose, and the demand for hand sanitizer is exploding. Time to make the best of a bad situation!

Transform your bar in a hand sanitizer factory and save it from bankruptcy.

How to play

  • Drag and drop the ingredients in the blender and turn it on.
  • Click the blender to collect the product of your labor.
  • Sell it on the market in the right panel.
  • You have 12 weeks to make the most profit and put your name up the online leaderboard.

Note that the market is always looking for new fancy products. You'll need to diversify. Try adding more slots to your blenders to prepare more valuable products.

Made with Godot

Gameplay video (thanks Red Hermit!)

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AuthorsSpace Monkey, J-Star
TagsEconomy, High Score, Ludum Dare 46, Management, Mouse only
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Highscore is broken... :( otherwise fun little game for short pauses in the day