Mouseketeer is a procedural platformer with a hint of narrative allowing the player to cheese his own adventure!

You play a little mouse eager to go on quests. This is of course very dangerous: the owl’s dungeon is rigged with traps and his minions –rats, bats and blobs– are expecting you! Fortunately, should you meet your end (you will), there’s plenty more adventurers where you came from: you’re indeed from a very large family, and your many many siblings will right away follow your steps.

Is it a lost cause, then? Should everyone of your kind get squished in the attempt, one after the other? No, as you had the wisdom to take up a life insurance before entering the dungeon! Each sibling who die pave so the way to the next, allowing him or her a better chance in the maze.

Amass honour points to maximize the insurance bonus, invest in equipment, defeat enemies both by sword and by word, and finally vainquish all the dungeon keepers!

Made with Unity, narration elements made with Fungus.


WASD to Move Space to Jump AltGr to attack, provided you have bought a weapon first.

Gamepad support!


Download 30 MB

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