Shoot ballistic arrows at demons to save the world.

A simple wave shooter for Oculus Quest. I hope you'll enjoy!

Controls - PC

  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • R to reload

Controls - VR

  • Right controller trigger to shoot
  • Point your hand down to reload

Shoot the yellow spheres to teleport.


  •  5-10 mins experience
  • Inspired by Elven Assassin
  • Single player

How to install on Oculus Quest ?

Download the apk file and then install it on the Quest with Side Quest (Just drag and drop it in Side Quest) or you can use adb in command line (abd install -r HellDefender.apk). Feel free to contact me directly using the comment section if you need any help with that.

Happy shooting, have fun!


  • Jasper van der Ster - Sound FX & Music
  • Thillaye du Boullay Sixtine -  Game Art
  • Jessica Yuko - 2D Concept Art
  • Simon Piette - Game Design Assistant & Jam Chef
  • Hadrien Guyette - Analyst Developer & Scrum Master
  • Vincent Leroy - VR Lead Programmer & Level Design
  • Kevin Molitor - Art Project Management Tips
  • Julien Bonte - Programmer & Product Owner


HellDefender - Oculus Rift (Windows) 61 MB
HellDefender - Oculus Quest 69 MB
HellDefender 0.2 - Windows (first multiplayer proto) 84 MB


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how do i go into vr mode

You can actually get the game directly from Side Quest. Search for Hell Defender. Note that the game is not available for PC VR.


The Game Is Very Fun Are You Ever Going To Update It?

I've started making the game multiplayer, and we have a plan to add more weapons, enemies, make a better map... but I have no idea when/if it will be done. Thanks for playing!

nice im very exited