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Very fun, I made a strikingly similar game for a friend once (also in PS, also with drones moving and turning, then being rerouted by crates).

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This was a really fun game to play! It was interesting to play a puzzlescript game that required some skill elements, like timing moving around the energy loops. I'm sad that this was so short, because I believe that it could be a really great game if you made it longer. 

Thanks for the kind words! For now I have to focus on another project, but I will eventually come back to making such games :)


Cool game! I beat it!  Great game!  And wow ... 8hrs!  You + Puzzlescript is an impressive combo.  Will have to try my hand at that someday :)

Thanks! I recommend you try PuzzleScript if you have any interest in it. It's a great tool. I use it as a reference whenever I try to design a good framework to make games.


Good job :-)

It definitely seems like there are some interesting places you could take the core mechanic. But I imagine designing puzzles with real-time elements is a bit of a headache!

It is :D But it's ok, it's the reason why I enjoy designing such games.

If you enjoyed this game and want more, I recommend you try my other game Puzzle Adventure. It's about 1 hour long.