This is a simple puzzle game made with PuzzleScript in 8 hours for Ludum Dare 47. The theme was "stuck in a loop".

I originally didn’t plan on participating, but I made the mistake of checking the theme at midnight ^^’ Next thing I know, I had an idea I wanted to experiment with, and couldn't resist the urge.

It could be much more polished, but I’m happy with the core idea.

The source code is very messy, but it's available if you're interested.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!

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AuthorSpace Monkey
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsLudum Dare 47, PuzzleScript, Singleplayer
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Energy Loop - PuzzleScript code 7 kB


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Very fun, I made a strikingly similar game for a friend once (also in PS, also with drones moving and turning, then being rerouted by crates).

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This was a really fun game to play! It was interesting to play a puzzlescript game that required some skill elements, like timing moving around the energy loops. I'm sad that this was so short, because I believe that it could be a really great game if you made it longer. 

Thanks for the kind words! For now I have to focus on another project, but I will eventually come back to making such games :)


Cool game! I beat it!  Great game!  And wow ... 8hrs!  You + Puzzlescript is an impressive combo.  Will have to try my hand at that someday :)

Thanks! I recommend you try PuzzleScript if you have any interest in it. It's a great tool. I use it as a reference whenever I try to design a good framework to make games.


Good job :-)

It definitely seems like there are some interesting places you could take the core mechanic. But I imagine designing puzzles with real-time elements is a bit of a headache!

It is :D But it's ok, it's the reason why I enjoy designing such games.

If you enjoyed this game and want more, I recommend you try my other game Puzzle Adventure. It's about 1 hour long.