Dancing club Bloodlust - LD41 Post-jam update

I really enjoyed working on my LD41 entry, and I'm also happy with the end result. I don't know if I really succeeded, but I tried my best to keep the project simple enough so we could finish the game in the 72h time frame.

Despite the game being well received overall, in my opinion the scope was still just a little bit too high, and I'll have to improve on that for my next entry. I can't change the past, but for sure I can finish what I started ! That's why I really wanted to spend a few more days polishing the game. I suppose nothing is never polished enough, but after those two extra days I can say that the experience is enjoyable and smooth.

We have those 10 minutes of fun !

Patch note :

  • Added text and voices for the intro
  • Lowered the difficulty so everybody can finish the game without frustration
  • Completely remade the main menu and updated the credits
  • Skeletons won't disapear anymore, so you never forget

A list of the things I'd like to do in the future, but probably won't ! I still want to write it down so I won't forget.

  • Find a way to sync the music to the arrows in a very precise way, while avoiding framerate drops, so I can make the game more challenging for players who actually want more difficulty.
  • Motivate my teammate to make more decoration assets so I can give more life to the isometric world. I'm kinda stuck on the art side without her.
  • Make the bunnies die in a way that is really gore, with lots of randomness so each one is truely unique (with physics?).
  • Make a boss fight in the end ! Where you have to use both hands.
  • Add dialog options to deliver a much richer story, maybe even small dialog-based quests.
  • Learn more about music making (that I will definitely do) and produce better musics for the game.

I don't know what I'll do after getting the result from LD, but I'll definitely keep making games ! So stay tuned.


Dancing Club Bloodlust (Post-Jam) - Linux.zip 33 MB
May 12, 2018
Dancing Club Bloodlust (Post-Jam) - MacOS.app.zip 32 MB
May 12, 2018
Dancing Club Bloodlust (Post-Jam) - WebGL.zip Play in browser
May 12, 2018
Dancing Club Bloodlust (Post-Jam) - Windows.zip 28 MB
May 12, 2018

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