Post jam version !

Check my first update on my LD41 entry, Dancing Club Bloodlust !

Here is the list of changes ;

  • Adjusted the difficulty and sounds synchronization for all levels
  • Fixed the animation of the credits panel in the main menu
  • Fixed the problem where guard02 would not let you pass after beating every challenge
  • Added different portraits for NPCs
  • Added the possibility to run with shift (a sign is still needed to inform the player)
  • Adjusted the parallax effect on the clouds background
  • Fixed the music transition problem. AudioManager is now much more robust.
  • Sound for WebGL is now working on most navigators (there is still a small volume problem when fading in and out)
  • Added a Z value for ribbons and hats, so they have the same depth as the NPCs wearing them
  • Fixed a problem in the dialogs in the dance scenes, where the game would hang if you mash the return key
  • Iterated on the dialogs. More stupid jokes !
  • Added a post jam watermark

I really appreciate all the feedback, it helps me improve the game. So please rate the game or leave a comment if you want more updates !


Dancing Club Bloodlust - 25 MB
Apr 28, 2018
Dancing Club Bloodlust - 17 MB
Apr 28, 2018
Dancing Club Bloodlust - 31 MB
Apr 28, 2018

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