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Home is your only safe place in this deep abyss. Collect oxygen producing algae, and bring them back home. Take advantage of air bubbles comming from the depths to make longer trips. You will eventually need to move to another habitat to survive.

Made in 48h for the Global Game Jam. Huge thanks to the team!

Move - WASD
Look around - Mouse
Interact - Left click
Move up - Space or R
Move down - Ctrl or F

You can place items on any flat surface inside the habitat.


  • Unity
  • Maya
  • Substance


  • Talops - talops.itch.io Game design - Programmation - Audio - Tech Art
  • Julien Bonte - spacemonkeyc.itch.io Game design - Programmation - UI
  • Monpart April 3D Artist
  • Sixtine Thillaye du Boullay 3D Artist
  • Dimitri Staumont 3D Artist - Texturing


Breathe1.0.zip 74 MB

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