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Watch TigerJ(am) 2 - Part 2 from Tiger_J on

Thanks for playing until completion! Wow, more than an hour of gameplay :D As usual, I had a very good time watching! Keep it up buddy

Watch TigerJ(am) #2 Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks for playing the game and for the super positive feedback Joshua, I know you don't say those things lightly and that means a lot to me ;-)

Help! please give hints! (I know how the weird blocks move)

The solution to this one is very much simpler than it seems ;-) Don't look too far for the solution.

Finally! I solved the last puzzle! ^^ 

Haha well done!! You deserved a good night of sleep :D

Awesome game! :)

Thanks! Still working on it until tomorrow I think. I'm adding some sfx, smoothing out the difficulty a bit more, and probably rewrite the whole story.

Actually it's done. I'm wrapping this up.