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You can just hold space forever when in the maze

i love the game so far.i would LOVE if you added more guns for fp and more turrents for td it would also be really cool with the ability to drive in veichles on fp and multiplayer!

Interesting mashup.

Thanks! Way overscoped for an LD entry but it's by far my most played game.

It has lots of potential, if you ever develop it further...

I was confused by the description, I was expecting a game where user can switch at will real-time between TD and FPS. 

But you have to survive the tower defense phase, only if you do then it switches to FPS ("try to escape your own fortress while finding your way through the maze"). I kept running out of the 30 ammo, the gun range is very limited, and hitting the turret weak spots doesn't work most of the time. But anyway you can cheat by jumping over the arena border and walking outside.

Wow, this game is great. I loved your easter egg, im suprised you got one in for a ludum dare. if you fixed this game up and added more, i think you could publish it as a paid game on steam. its actually pretty awesome.